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My Approach

Most of us, when experiencing trauma or emotional challenges, abandon our “self”. This self-abandonment leads to poor boundaries between the self and the external environment, and it interferes with satisfying our own needs. We lose our ability to listen to our core, practice compassion towards the self and identify and fulfill our own needs.


Utilizing my 35 years of clinical experience, I will help you reconnect with your core self, identify the dysfunctional scripts that you have internalized and encoded in both your brain and your body. I will help you unlearn them and also replace them with new life-affirming messages.

Using various techniques, I will help you edit your narratives and develop healthy perceptions of self. In the process, the ways you relate to yourself and to others will shift. Your brain and body will no longer have to work through anxiety, depression, or pain to get you to pay attention to yourself. You will have a new blueprint that will carry you.

Therapy empowers you by connecting you to your core self and helping you set healthy boundaries. This not only helps with self-fulfillment, but it creates shifts in your relationships with others. You will enter into healthier relationships and communicate more effectively. You will develop a solid sense of self and boundaries that will serve as a foothold.


$200 per session


In Person &



English and Farsi


6 to 65+

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